Success Tails

The First Group of Kittens

We got our first group of kittens to adopt out in 1992. The 5 week old litter consisted of 3 males and 2 females. All of the males were successfully adopted out, along with one female. The remaining female, Pohai, spent her whole life with us, until her passing at 15 years.


Calvin was from a litter of three that was turned into a vet for help because they were found with no mama. Calvin’s beautiful medium fur, big build and mellowness made him very appealing to a couple looking for a forever friend.


Chrissy and her 6 kittens were left in a box at our doorstep and, a few days later, 5 more kittens arrived without a mom.  Chrissy took a smell of the new litter, licked each one in turn and lay down to allow them to nurse.  Two weeks later, another orphaned kitten arrived, and Chrissy adopted this new kitten also.  After nursing 12 kittens all at one time, this super mom has earned a much deserved rest at her newly found forever home!

Cho Chang

Cho Chang was a roly poly little Tortoise Shell who was found with her mama, Chrissy, and 5 siblings in a box in front of a vet’s office.  While her mama nursed Cho Chang and her siblings, she also welcomed an abandoned litter of 5 more kittens.   Growing up in such a big litter had a great effect on Cho Chang.  After being weaned, Cho Chang, along with her sister, Lilly, went to a new home.


This beautiful black cat was abandoned at one of our colonies. After neutering him, we returned him to the colony.  However, threatened by the other male cats in the colony, he moved down the street to live with an ostrasized goose.   When a visitor looking to adopt a cat couldn’t make up her mind, we mentioned what a sweetie one of our colony cats was. Another appointment later, she & her husband sat on the sidewalk as Coltrane wormed his way onto their laps and into their hearts. “We’ll take him” they said, and now Coltrane is an indoor cat resting against silk cushions


Donivee and her brother, Bucky, were about 5 days old when they were found abandoned. Since kittens that young are taught (by their mothers) never to move until her return, it was clear that their mama had been gone for awhile and that they were desperate, when they crawled out and start shouting to humans that they were hungry.  Donivee was raised at the Charity, and, after 10 months was lucky to be chosen by a woman who wanted a companion for her other cat.  A new home and companion for Donivee – how lucky!


Not a colony cat, a sort of P.S. really: It was such a surprise to find sweet but thin five week old Duncan on the freeway. He had probably been thrown or had fallen from a car a couple of days before and he already trusted people. Soon, he became plump and fluffy, and grew into a sweet adult cat. He was taken home by a man who was looking for an adult lap cat for his special needs daughter. Duncan fit the bill perfectly!


Fleur was a large grey striped kitten who was found with her mama and 5 of her siblings in a box in front of a vet’s office. While her mama nursed Fleur and her siblings, she also welcomed an abandoned litter of 5 more kittens. Growing up in such a big litter had a great effect on Fleur. When Fleur was chosen to go to her forever home, the same nice people also chose Soda Pop to be her companion


Georgie was hit by a car and pulled apart by two dogs. His injuries were seen to and paid for by the college students who were his friends but they were moving and unable to take him in. When he came to us, Georgie’s physical injuries healed more quickly than his psycological ones. He ate little and remained in a defeated mood for weeks. There was just too much bad in his world. After awhile, his trust grew, he started eating and found a safe spot for sleeping. Recognizing what a treasure he was, one of the students returned to take him to his new home.


“UH-OH, a new feral cat has found our colony AND she’s pregnant. She’s so pretty and totally white with thick, thick fur.” BUT she was too skittish to catch, so her babies were born in our colony and neighbors helped us search for the nest; however, this mama was too wise. It was seven weeks before her kittens started to peek out AND all three were white and two were really fluffy. Sadly, one was killed very soon, perhaps by an unleashed dog. This made it all the more urgent to lure the other two with good smelling tuna in order to take them home for adoption. Both were caught and the bigger one was adopted immediately. Little Gwendolyn was a bit shy and hid under the bedcovers when visitors came. She became best friends with our oldest cat, Virgil, and it looked like she wouldn’t ever find a home. Amazingly, when a visitor came over, Gwenie walked right out from under those covers like she had known her forever. Who could resist this beautiful ball of fluff? Gwendolyn went home with her that day.


Hagrid was an extraordinarily large kitten who was found with 4 of his siblings in a box in a parking lot. He was adopted immediately by Mama Chrissy who was already feeding her own litter of 6 kittens. After being weaned, Hagrid went to a new home, along with one of his other siblings.


Hauoli and his sister, Hana, were only 1 week old when they were found at a bus stop, crying and alone. They were so young, their eyes were still shut. Hau’oli is a mixed flame-point Siamese with light blue eyes. Bottle-feeding and lots of handling had made these kittens fat, healthy and naturally trusting of humans. Hau’oli was adopted by a couple who saw his photograph at the Pet Expo.


Helen and 2 of her siblings were found under a parked vehicle for sale at a car dealership with no mama in sight. They were only 1 1/2 weeks old when they were brought to Love-A-Cat Charity. Helen was a beautiful and angelic kitten. And, despite a problem with her front right leg, which didn’t seem strong enough to support her full weight, she was extremely sweet tempered. While the other kittens played, she preferred to sit in laps and be scratched. Although she walked with a pronounced limp, she was able to climb in and out of the litterbox and turned into an exceptionally sweet lap cat. When a past adopter lost one of their two cats to kidney failure, they chose Helen to be the companion to the remaining sister. Helen’s sweet, unassuming nature was perfect for getting along with an older, more aggressive adult.


Hermione was a beautiful little Tortoise Shell who was found with her mama and 5 siblings in a box in front of a vet’s office. While her mama nursed Hermione and her siblings, she also welcomed an abandoned litter of 5 more kittens. After being weaned from her mama, Hermione, together with one of her siblings, found a new home.


Jimmy came to us from a vet’s office, along with a sister and a brother. Jimmy was the smallest of the litter and has the most beautiful coat. He spends a lot of time right next to people – on the counter “helping” with dishes or food preparation or snuggling on laps. Jimmy is one of those cats you find rubbing on your legs just because he wants to be near you. When Jimmy was 3 years old, he was adopted by a lady who wanted a friend for her dog – Jimmy was the perfect pick!

Juniper & Nemo

After being with the Charity for five years, Juniper and Nemo were so lucky to find a new family. A vet friend who knows our operation well, referred this family after their beloved pet passed. The lady came to visit the Charity alone and so many cats loved her, making it obvious that she was truly a “cat person”. After skyping with her husband to introduce the cats who chose her, Nemo and Juniper were “off to a new life” as much adored indoor cats.


Kitters came to us in 1995 as a 2 year old, when his previous owners moved. Kitters is a very snuggly and personable cat, with a sweet and gentle disposition. A vet we knew had a friend on an outer island who was looking for an adult white cat. We had sweet Kitters and we knew it would be love at first site. What a great situation for Kitters.


Ku’uipo and her babies were found at the Landfill location. This sweet mama also adopted Sammy Doodab, an orphaned kitten from another litter, as one of her own. Her loving personality made her an easy choice to be adopted, even though she was already 4 years old.


Lilly was a fluffy little pie-faced kitten, found with her mama and 5 siblings in a box in front of a vet’s office. While her mama nursed Lilly and her siblings, she also welcomed an abandoned litter of 6 more kittens. Growing up in such a big litter had a great effect on Lilly. After being weaned, she and her sister, ChoChang, went to new owners together.


Lucy and her sister were 1 1/2 weeks old when they were found without a mother. Lucy is part tabby and part Abyssinian, which shows through in her golden tan undercoat. Lucy developed into a healthy, loveable and playful kitten. She stayed at the Charity for 3 years before being adopted by a couple who had just lost their 2 cats. The couple first adopted 6 year old Ziggy, and then returned to find a companion. Lucy & Ziggy had lived together for 3 years so it was a perfect match!


Luna is a beautiful black and white female with gorgeous markings and a pearl pink nose. She was found with 4 of her siblings in a box in a parking lot. Mama Chrissy, who was already nursing her own litter of 6 kittens, welcomed Luna and the rest of her siblings. When she was old enough, Luna and one of her siblings went to a new home

Myrtle Mudpuppy

Myrtle, better known as “Mudpuppy”,was a happy girl and the leader among her littermates. She had no problems trusting people and loved being around dogs. It was an easy choice for a cat-loving couple to take her home with them.


Phoenix is a tiny kitten with very round eyes and a beautiful white face. She was found with 4 of her siblings in a box in a parking lot. Mama Chrissy, who was already nursing her own litter of 6 kittens, welcomed Phoenix and her 4 siblings. Phoenix’s good looks made it easy for her to find new owners. She and a sibling went to their new home together

Polly & Susan

Polly and Susan were found with their littermates under a parked vehicle for sale at a car dealership, with no mama in sight. They were only 1 1/2 weeks old when they were brought to Love A Cat Charity.

Polly is an unusual red-headed calico. It was her healthy cries that alerted the car salesman that she and her siblings were in need of help. Susan is a petite calico who loves to “chat” with her humans. Her beautiful tortoise shell body is transformed by a white nose and paws. She’s a little beauty. Both were 2 of the most friendly cats at the Charity.

They were very lucky to be chosen by an visitor experienced in fostering cats & kittens, and went to their new home together.

Soda Pop

Soda Pop was found with his siblings on someone’s lanai while they were cleaning. When they came to Love A Cat Charity, they had no problem fitting in. Soda Pop was very playful and loved to be carried around. When he was 2 years old he went to his forever home. The same nice people also took Fleur to be his companion.


Snuggles was a young adult male when he was found abandoned in a housing district.  By the way he was walking up to everyone and rubbing on all the dogs, it was apparent that he had been an indoor cat, with no outside survival skills.  Since he wouldn’t last long if left alone on the streets, we rescued him.  When checked, he had no microchip and no diseases.  After being neutered he came to live at Love A Cat Charity, where he got along well with all.  His sweetness and love of cuddling won the heart of his new owner.


T.J. was named for the traffic jam he caused the day a loving lady saw his daring dash across Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki. T.J. had dashed into the wheel hub of a large truck stopped stopped near the lady. She jumped from her car and stopped traffic on the busy avenue as she and the truckdriver coaxed T.J. out of the wheel hub. Next stop – Love A Cat Charity! T.J. now lives in Wisconsin – quite a ways from Waialae Avenue


Taffy was found in a guard’s trap at a school. She was only 5 weeks old at the time and very scared. The guard was convinced to give her to Love-A-Cat, where she was cared for until she was adopted by a fifth grade girl who adores cats.


Tonks was found with 4 of her siblings in a box and was immediately welcomed by Mama Chrissy, who was already feeding her own litter of six kittens. Tonks may have been the runt of the litter but her strong personality and healthy body often put her at the milk bar first.


Weasley was a mild screw tail male who will grow to be fairly large. He was found with his mama and 5 of siblings in a box in front of a vet’s office. When he was old enough, Weasley went to a new home.


We brought home one very friendly pregnant female from the Airport colony, so that her babies could be raised indoors and adopted out of our house. One of those babies was Ziggy, who loved to sleep with people and ride around the house draped on your shoulder. Ziggy was adopted when she was 6 years old, by a couple who was looking for an older cat. The couple also adopted Lucy to keep Ziggy company. Both cats are very lucky and well loved!