Welcome to Love a Cat Charity

Helping to Control the Growth of Hawaii’s Cat Population… With Love

Welcome to Love a Cat Charity

Helping to Control the Growth of Hawaii’s Cat Population… With Love


These kittens are available for adoption to INDOOR homes.
Kittens and their mothers have been tested for major diseases. All are treated for worms and fleas and have been spayed or neutered before adoption. They have been raised indoors and are litter box trained.

Interested in adopting?

If you are interested in adopting a kitten or cat, please fill out our questionnaire using the link below. 

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Interested in fostering?

Fosters are so important because they give kitties a chance to socialize and learn to love so they are ready for their furever homes. Love A Cat Charity covers all medical costs and provides adoption support. If you’re interested please fill out our questionnaire using the link below.

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Older Kittens/Adult Cats Available Now

Mango (F)

Dog-friendly alert! Mango is a wonderful independent young cat who also goes out of her way to get some loving and pets. She’s a very playful cat too and loves to play with our dog an kitties. Whenever she gets the chance she likes to hop into the bathtub and play in there with our other cats. At the end of the day, Mango loves to climb onto the bed and curl up beside us and by the time it’s morning she’s ready to wake us up to feed her and give her love.


Cher (F)

This calm three year old kitty came and had her babies, was fixed, tested, microchipped and vaccinated. Now Cher is easily making friends with other foster kitties in our house. (Her favorite is LICORICE.). She often meets me or greets me personally when I enter a room. She loves to look so intelligently into your eyes and listen to you chat with her. She seems so very grateful to have a safe home. This could be a natural “therapy cat” for other cats AND you.

Kittens Available Now

Tyra (f)

7 month old TYRA could give classes on how to be the perfect kitty.

First, run (smiling) toward your person(s) every time they come into the room.
Second, stand and stare at them lovingly until they pick you up or pet you.
Third, be by their side waiting to see if you can help.

TYRA was found in the tire well of a car when she was tiny and has been an indoor cat every since. She is sweet and dear and everything a kitty should be. Look no further. TYRA is your gal IF you are a wonderful person.

Licorice (m)

This little sweetheart loves to follow you around and be wherever you are. He and his favorite tabby cat, Mama Cher, just naturally trust people so if you go somewhere, they wait for you (together) right by the door. It is difficult to get a good picture of Licorice because if you are close he wants to rub and say “Hi. I love you.”

Cinnamon (f)

This is Cinnamon. The only girl in the litter. This princess is sweet as can be. She is the smallest and cuddliest of them all. She is shy at first but absolutely loves being held. Perfect for a family with small children or someone needing a close companion.

Onyx (m)

Onyx is the perfect kitty! Playful, funny, and affectionate. He’s super sweet and shows his gratitude with lots of purrs. He loves his toys and exploring his surroundings, but also loves cuddles too. Does well with young kids and other cats.

Jasper (m)

Jasper is a very sweet and playful kitten. He loves string toys and going on adventures with his brother Onyx. He gets along great with other cats of all ages and is fabulous with kids of all ages. He’s very used to being handled by younger kids and loves playing with them. He is a healthy boy and has no known issues.

Blossom (m)

Blossom (4.5mos, F) is a beautiful medium haired grey tabby with the softest fur. She can be shy but once she gets to know you she is an absolute sweetheart. She loves to play and is usually the one orchestrating the morning and evening zoomie activities. Blossom loves her tunnel and treats her mouse toys like prey. She will carry them around in her mouth and hide them in the cat bed. When she isn’t playing she enjoys bird watching, cuddles, and supervising her foster mom’s work. Blossom loves all of her foster siblings and would do well as a companion or solo.


Biscuit is an energetic, SUPER loving, cuddle-monster! Her absolutely favorite thing to do is hang out with you! She goes everywhere you go! Cooking breakfast? Right by your legs to brush against you. Relaxing on the couch? Right in your lap purring away! Going to the bathroom? Not by yourself! She adores her people with all her heart and loves to be loved! Whenever she’s not with you she’s play fighting with her brother, Gravy. She’s a silly girl who loves to play.


Gravy is an EXTRA sweet, loving boy who searches for adventure! His favorite activities are playtime, napping in the sunshine, and finding all sorts of new places to explore. He’s a bit timid when it comes to asking for love, but he ADORES receiving it no matter when it’s given and purrs up a storm when you find his favorite spots. He’s a wonderful little guy who’s ready to find his purrfect fit!

Juliet (F)

The only girl in her litter, she is petite and sweet, a snuggle bug and a big purr in anticipation of interaction with her humans or her Mama Dog. She LOVES a soft lap! She is the first to greet me in the morning, running to me for morning love! When her tummy is full then she is off to try to dominate her brothers with lots of roughhousing and sneak attacks! Oh, and, she loves making biscuit when she is getting ready for a good sleep!

Yukon (m)

Yukon is a sweet and affectionate boy who loves to fill your ears with the sound of his loving purrr. His hobbies include snuggling on the cat bed with his sister Frenchy and brother Frito, racing after his litter mates and rolling around in his blankets as if he’s making a snow angel. He has his soft cuddly side that loves to sit in your lap but don’t be fooled – he still loves to play and will happily chase his siblings or toys around for hours.

Frenchy (f)

given her name for her white “French tip” like paws, she is as fancy as it suggest. you can usually find her grooming herself, laying on a fluffy blanket basking in the suns rays or frolicking around the room looking for her ball toy. Although she’s one of the more calm members of her group, don’t be fooled, she still has her frisky kitten attitude when she wants to play! She’s the perfect blend of a couch potato and a fun loving kitten who would be sure to bring spice to anyone’s life.

Gladys (f)

Gladys is a sweet, spunky tuxedo with a silky smooth coat. She can be a bit shy but once she trusts you she morphs into a full on love bomb. He tiny squeaky meows are sweet and endearing. Gladys will play with just about anything but her favorites are the ball ring and a ribbon toy! She comes from a litter of 4 and is good with other cats.

Dylan (m)

Dylan is a handsome black and white, medium-haired boy with a coat as soft as a rabbit and the most gorgeous fancy whiskers! All I want to do is bury my face in his soft tummy! Dylan is gregarious and playful – usually the one trying to get the party started🎉 He will play with anything and is a bit of a hoarder, usually carrying one toy in his mouth around while he gets after another. He can be shy but is quickly won over by play and treats. After his morning zoomies, he loves to cuddle up in a chair next to his foster mom and supervise her work, taking all the pets and soaking up the adoration. Dylan would love to be adopted with one of his siblings (Garfunkel or Cheddar) but would do just fine solo as well.

Yin (f)

Yin is the sweetest little girl! She loves cuddles and is a purr machine when she gets pets or is held. She’s a calm kitty and is great with other cats and young children. She still has a playful side and loves chasing anything with her brother Yang. Just a happy little girl and she and her brother would be a great addition together to any family.

Yang (m)

Yang is a sweetheart that loves going on adventures with his sister Yin. They love playing with anything they can chase but they especially love bowls and boxes to squish into. Other than racing around, Yang loves cuddles and will purr as soon as you touch him. He will be happiest going to a forever home with his sister.

Garfunkel (m)

Garfunkel is a short haired black tabby! Thankfully he hasn’t let his gorgeous stripes go to his head and is actually a very down to earth, sweet kitten. G-funk has the cutest little sing-songy chirp he does when he’s playing or just announcing himself as he enters the room. G-funk is always up for playtime, especially if it’s wrestling with his sibling, Cheddar. He loves Cheddar and these two must be adopted together. This sweet guy is a little shy at first but as you can tell, once he trusts you he warms up very quickly and is quite a cuddler.

Cheddar (f)

Cheddar is a rare find – one of the 20% all ginger females! And would you look at those gorgeous blue-green eyes! She is a true gem, both in looks and personality. She has one of the sweetest dispositions and purrs at the slightest touch. Cheddar is a cuddler, loving nothing more than to curl up on your chest or lap to sleep after she’s gotten her morning zoomies out of her system or when it’s bedtime. She is big pals with her foster sibling, Garfunkel, and they must be adopted together.

Kitties Available Soon

Hannah, Montana, Jake, and Roxy



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