Welcome to Love a Cat Charity

Helping to Control the Growth of Hawaii’s Cat Population… With Love

Welcome to Love a Cat Charity

Helping to Control the Growth of Hawaii’s Cat Population… With Love


These kittens are available for adoption to INDOOR homes.
Kittens and their mothers have been tested for major diseases. All are treated for worms and fleas and have been spayed or neutered before adoption. They have been raised indoors and are litter box trained.

Interested in adopting?

If you are interested in adopting a kitten or cat, please fill out our questionnaire using the link below. 

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Interested in fostering?

Fosters are so important because they give kitties a chance to socialize and learn to love so they are ready for their furever homes. Love A Cat Charity covers all medical costs and provides adoption support. If you’re interested please fill out our questionnaire using the link below.

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Have a general cat question?

Found a kitten? Not sure where to fix your cat? We’re happy to help with any cat related questions you have. Send us an email at adopt@loveacatcharity.org and we’ll get back to your shortly.



Older Kittens/Adult Cats Available Now

Licorice (m)

This little sweetheart loves to follow you around and be wherever you are. He and his favorite tabby cat, Mama Cher, just naturally trust people so if you go somewhere, they wait for you (together) right by the door. It is difficult to get a good picture of Licorice because if you are close he wants to rub and say “Hi. I love you.”

Lilikoi (f)

Lilikoi (aka Lily) is a very sweet tempered cat that was returned when her family moved off island. She is about a year old and loves other animals including cats and dogs. She’s gentle with little kids and is happy to be carried around by them, as long as she gets her pets and cuddles 🙂 She’ll happily greet you each time she sees you and her purrs are the perfect way to start each day!

Mango (F)

Dog-friendly alert! Mango is a wonderful independent young cat who also goes out of her way to get some loving and pets. She’s a very playful cat too and loves to play with our dog and kitties. Whenever she gets the chance she likes to hop into the bathtub and play in there with our other cats. At the end of the day, Mango loves to climb onto the bed and curl up beside us and by the time it’s morning she’s ready to wake us up to feed her and give her love.


Colby (m)

Colby is such a handsome, funny guy. He has medium length fur and the most luxurious, bushiest of tails. He likes playing and also cuddling but mostly he loves his cat toys and treats, and snuggling with his Mama (Emmy). The gentlest guy around and always making space for others, Colby naturally is great with kids and would make a wonderful companion. Though he has the biggest heart, he does have a heart condition that prevents him from leaving Hawai’i.

Kittens Available Now

Bonbon (m)

Bonbon is a survivor. Found in a plastic bag tied up, he was rescued on a baseball field, on a cold rainy day. He is quite the purrball, and will come up to you and tap your leg for a quick hello. He loves booty scratches and having his feet rubbed. He likes to hop like a bunny and his favorite thing to play with are noisy kitty toys.

Gummibear (m)

Energetic and playful, Gummibear will keep you entertained for hours. He loves kitty treats, tummy rubs, and soft kitten toys. His little beard is sure to bring a smile to your face everytime you look at him, and his gentle demeanor when cuddled will melt your heart.

Jellybean (f)

Jellybean can be quite the little lady. She is playful yet cuddly and is always sure to meow to let you know she needs some snuggles. She loves to be wrapped like a purrito, and be sung to sleep. Her little tail is sure to give you a giggle and melt your heart each time.

Kitties Available Soon

Mama Cally and crew

Mama Cally and crew

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